A Bang Baby is a metahuman  whose powers were triggered by the Quantum Vapor, developed by Alva Industries.

History Edit

An explosion at the Dakota docks dispersed the gas. This event and the mass mutations that resulted are referred to as the "Big Bang". It wasn't until several years later that most of these Bang babies were involuntarily cured when the governor gave Dr. Todd permission to disperse a cure into Dakota's air. Before that, D-Struct, Nails, Aquamaria and possibly others as well, had agreed to serve as test subjects. Following the disappearance of their powers, Ebon and Hotstreak stole Quantum Vapor in the hope that they could restore their lost powers by creating another Big Bang. They were both destroyed in the process. Gear and Static were exposed to the final canister of Quantum Vapor alongside Hotstreak, Ebon, and possible others. Assuming that Dr. Todd would concoct more of his antidote to take care of any possible remaining Bang Babies, Gear suggested he create his own batch of the Quantum Vapor so that he and Static could continue fighting crime. Presumably, Gear succeeded in doing so.

Known Bang Babies Edit

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