Dr.Todd talks to Static and Gear


Dr. Todd devised the cure for the Bang Baby syndrome . First testing it out on Aquamaria , the governor of Dakota eventually allowed Dr. Todd to disperse the Bang Baby cure throughout the city, de-Banging the teens that were afflicted by the gas. It is revealed that he had no intention of curing Static and Gear; however, he was forced to do it.

Though Ebon and a group of Bang Baby’s attempted to get the remaining Bang Baby gas and create another “Big Bang ” to revert everyone to their Bang Baby state. He refused to give them the gas and he was hoping their powers would gone during the hesit; however, Ebon was holding hostages and he was forced to comply. Later,  Static and Gear stopped them and ended up becoming the only Bang Babies left in Dakota , alongside a combined terror of Ebon and Hotstreak  .

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