Dwayne and Aron


 Dwayne and Aron are step brothers, only one is a bang baby . Dwayne is shy and doesn’t have very many friends, while Aron hates his step-brother and hangs with several unruly crowds. 

When Aron finds out about Dwayne’s Bang Baby powers (able to create images that are able to not only seem real, but inflict real pain and real damage), Aron tells his brother to use them to get him free money and other goods from the banks and malls of Dakota. 

Static eventually discovers what’s going on and tells Dwayne to stop listening to his brother. After not believing what Static is saying, Static plays a tape of himself (as Virgil) and Aron talking. The tape was all that Dwayne needed to hear, as Aron frequently expressed his dislike of Dwayne in the recording.

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