"Did I say laughter? I meant penicillin!"

Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel M.D. aka Harley Quinn is the pseudo girlfriend and sidekick of the Joker. She also teams up with Poison Ivy and was the main antagonist of the episode Hard as Nails next to Poison Ivy.



Harleen Quinzel was an intern at Arkham training to be a psychologist. She chose the ultimate patient to work with, The Joker. She began to believe he loved her and felt compelled to break him out of Arkham Asylum several times before her superior, Joan Lelland busted her and revoked her license. She went insane and doned a harlequin (based on her name) costume. 

In Static ShockEdit

She and Ivy posed as Ceres and Thalia to manipulate Allie Langdam, who was posing as Nails, to assist on their crime wave in exchange for a cure to her cpndotion. She reluctantly agreed. During the hijacking, her conscience began to take force and she called Harley and Ivy out. Harley knocked her off the boat with her modified punching glove gun, but not before revealing that the cure was a fake anyway. She was knocked unconscious during the fight with Static, while demonstrating her acrobatic abilities. Nails was going to kill her and Ivy, but Batman and Static changed her mind.

Powes and AbilitiesEdit

  • Toxin Immunity because of Poison Ivy's injections.
  • Acrobatics and Metahuman agility due to intensive training.
  • Metahuman Durability because of Ivy's injections.
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