Hot head


Hotstreak- also known as Francis Stone/F-Stop is one of the gang members who becomes a Bang-Baby with the power to manipulate fire and Static's first rival after being beaten up by him and his gang members before they exposed to the Big Bang gas.


Francis appears to have a short red orange hair with three yellow streaks. He wears a red short sleeve shirt which is tuck into his boxers, olive green pants with a green belt to his waist and black and white converseque sneakers. In the episode "She-Bang" where he was defeated by She-Bang by pulling off his pants and threw him into the water fountain its revealed the boxers that he wears is shown to have polkadots underneath it.


Hotstreak (Francis Stone/Martin Scaponi/F-Stop/Biz Money 8) was one of the gang members at the docks when the Big Bang occurred. After being exposed to the gas, Francis Stone became Hotstreak. His powers added to his already hot-headedness by giving him the ability to create and shoot blasts of fire. His weakness however is when he gets washed with water or being extinguished with fire extinguishers.

Hotstreak is one of Static’s very first rivals, giving him a challenge nearly every time they meet.

When Dr. Todd’s Bang Baby cure was transforming them back into humans, Ebon staged a plan to get the last vial of Bang Baby gas and stage another “Big Bang”, one that would potentially create more Bang Babies than the first one. 

Ebon and Hotstreak fought over the final vial of gas and eventually became one giant bang baby—throwing shadows and fire all over Dakota’s docks. With Static and Gear being the only two remaining Bang Babies, they were able to take down Ebon and Hotstreak—but whether they’re still lurking somewhere in Dakota’s waters is unknown.

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