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Madelyn in She-Back

Madelyn Spaulding is bang baby with the power to control minds, and later telekinesis.


Before the Big Bang, Madelyn was a normal student and a busybody. She was on an asignment interviewing a homeless man, when the Big Bang happened. A few months later, she decided to run for freshman class president at school. During lunch, she felt her powers acting up and first used some telepathy before some boys got her angry, causing her to use her mind-control powers on them. Soon, she took over the entire school. It was then that she came face-to-face with Static, who, being a Bang Baby himself, was immune to her abilities. She was then defeated by him with one of his blasts to her head. After getting out of the hospital, she got a job at the local comic shop that Virgil and Richie sometimes went to. When Virgil asked her what she was doing there, Madelyn replied that they said she was OK, but the school wouldn't take her back.

After worrying that she still knew Virgil was Static, Virgil and Richie laugh, glad she doesn't remember.

Now mad, she activates her new abilities (telekinesis/levitation), ready to take Static on again. After getting a distress call from the Dakota PD, Static and Gear find that the Meta-Breed are led by Madelyn. Nearly on the way to success, Madelyn's victory is denied when She-Bang shows up ruining her fun. Soon, Madelyn and the Meta-breed attack city hall, much to Ebon's dislike. Soon, they have Static and Gear on the ropes until an angry She-Bang shows up to help. To make amends, Madelyn captures She-Bang who's gone solo again. Back at their hide out, Ebon then questions her leadership, leading to a quick fight with Madelyn as the victor. The duo sees this and attacks the breed while freeing She-Bang. Now facing Static by herself, Madelyn boasts her invulnerability, prompting him to charge a pile of garbage. The charge then connects with lightning from a nearby storm, shocking her.                                                                                                              

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