Mmoboro (The Hornet) is an antagonist in the Static Shock TV series and an enemy of Anansi the Spider.


Mmoboro is one of the three enemies of Anansi. According to the Ashanti legend of Anansi the Spider, he was an unkind creature who took pleasure in stinging anyone he chose. As part of his agreement with the Sky King in exchange for the power of storytelling, Anansi tricked Mmoboro into hiding in a gourd should rain come. Mmoboro went inside, and Anansi shut him in. He is seen only in "Out Of Africa", when he and Onini worked with Osebo, who sought to steal the Golden Spider talisman that Anansi. He is a green hornet-like man who can multiply himself into a swarm of hornets, conjure hornets, and fire blasts of stinging energy from his claws. He fought with Static when the latter, along with Gear and Anansi, arrived to deal him and his companions. He was captured with Osebo and Onini and was presumably returned to Africa.

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