Junior Alva transformed


The son of Edwin Alva, Junior felt shunned by his father for being a “failure” and “disappointment.” Junior wanted to redeem himself, so he exposed himself to the Big Bang gas. Instead of gaining only one power, however, Junior injected a bunch of the gas into tiny pellets that he’d breathe to get a new power.

He eventually overloaded on the gas and transformed himself into solid rock.

Alva eventually reversed his sons condition through the utilization of other Bang Babies powers. Despite trying to use Rubberband Man, Talon and Gear as his test subjects, Hotstreak and Static stopped him. When Static found out that this was all to get Alva’s son back to normal, Static offered to use his powers to reverse Alva’s son’s condition. Not to be outdone by a rival, Hotstreak joined Static and together they were able to turn Alva’s son back to normal.

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