"Gear's my name. Technology is my game."

Richard Osgood "Richie" Foley was the best friend and confidant of Virgil Hawkins, and one of the few to know of his double life. Yearning for powers of his own, he temporarily became Push, and later Static's crime-fighting partner Gear.

Appearance Edit

Richie appears to have a short blond hair with short jagged spikes at the right side along with a full fringe and black eyes. He also has a single black hoop earring on his left ear and wears eyeglasses. In the first season, his glasses are initially squared-lens but later replaced with semi-round lens in the second season through the fourth season.

In the first season, he wears a dark green long sleeved v-neck sweater with orange lining at the center to match up the orange linings in each upper sleeve, a white short sleeved loose undershirt, khaki jeans and dark green and white sneakers with black linings.

From the second and third season, Richie now wears a sea green long sleeved hoodie with the same orange lining at the center of his jacket along with the upper sleeves while retaining his short sleeved loose undershirt from his first outfit. His jeans remains khaki and his sneakers are now green and white soles.

At the fourth season, his second outfit has a minor color change turning his outfit into a shades of blue; the color of his hoodie jacket is pale blue and the linings being medium blue, his jeans are now blue and his sneakers are pale blue.

When he tested his inventions before wearing his catsuit, Richie wore a light teal long sleeve loose shirt and retaining his khaki jeans.

As Gear, he wears a spring green sleeveless catsuit with dark teal designs and outlines, he is equipped with a gray belt around his waist, black kneepads and spring green and black jet-packed rollerblades which allows him to fly and runs in roller skates and wears a pair of black gloves. He is accessorized with his gray robotic backpack where he uses as a weapon and gray elbow bands on his elbows. He now wears a matching dark teal helmet mixed with spring green face shield along with a green sport goggles on his eyes in place of his eyeglasses. In the fourth season, his catsuit has a minor color change from spring green and dark teal to medium green and white. His helmet is now white, the face shield from his helmet is light green and the sports goggles maintains being green. His robotic back pack is now silver to match up his belt and his jet-packed rollerblades being medium green to match up the color of his catsuit.

Powers and Abilities Edit

After his transformation into a Bang Baby, Richie manifested augmented intelligence, especially in regard of technical design and calculative abilities. As Gear, he employed a variety of high-tech devices and weapons, including:

  • Back-Pack, a robot unit usable as a probe and portable computer assistance system.
  • Jet-Blades, vectored thruster-equipped jet boots, from modified roller blades.
  • Jet-Board, a hoverboard.
  • A sensor and neural interface control helmet.
  • Zap Caps, Mark I, grenade-like explosive balls
  • Zap Caps, Mark II, grenade-like balls with metal bands for restraining purposes.


Regular Richie Form Edit

Gear Form Edit

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