She-Bang in action!

She-Bang- also known as Shenice Vale is an friend and ally to both Static and Gear since her appearance in the third season.


Shenice appears to have medium-length black hair which is tied in two long ponytails as her clip is purple. She wears a white long sleeve shirt with a purple v-neck on the collar, denim pants and black shoes.

As She-Bang, she wears a red catsuit with a light purple designs in each sides of her sleeves and her catsuit and a matching red and purple sneakers. She also wears a matching purple bandanna-like mask and a purple cape.

History                                                                        Edit

Created in a lab, Shenice vale was taken by Dolores and Jonathan vale from the lab and was taken home. She first met the super duo of Static and Gear when they were trying to stop runaway balloons . She save Static and the crew setting the balloons to a telephone pole. After boasting about how she saved him she bounds away. The next day she meets Virgil and Richie. That evening the girls vs boys bowling game was at the height of the moment with Shenice making her eleventh strike in a row. When her parents come, she misses her last strike. The next day, she says she can't join the soccer team blaming her parents. Just then, Hotstreak starts burning down a movie theater. Shenice then runs to change just when Virgil and Richie start to change too. When Static and Gear fail to catch Hotstreak, She-Bang shows up and swings him until his pants come off and he flies into a water fountain. Later that night, her parents see her and they get into an argument over it, to the point were she leaves. Static sees her and they talk, were she reveals she's not a real bang baby. That's when CrewCut throws a gas bomb knocking her and Static out. When she wakes she is on a plane trapped by carbonized steel. Meanwhile as the plane takes off, Statioc fly with all his might and gets inside the plane. CrewCut sees him and catches him with a arm laser. Static stays focused and blasts She-Bang free. She then leaps over Static and breaks CrewCut's gun. She then knocks him out with help from Static, and makes the pilot turn the plane around. Now reunited with her parents, she kisses Static and Gear goodbye and leaves Dakota .            

So so fly

Her normal guise, Shenice Vale

Another ordeal Shenice and her parents faced before they were able to live outside of the Witness Protection Program, was her parents being kidnapped by an ex-colleague of theirs. Dr. Koenig, aka Heavyman , had experimented on himself a little too much and transformed himself into a mass-absorbing being. Their attempts at reversing his condition were met with futile efforts, however, and he was never heard from again once he was taken into police custody. 

She-Bang became a part of the Static and Gear team and continues to help them fight crime in Dakota. Soon, she and the gang were dealing with a lot of tension between her and Virgil. Eventually she goes solo once more only to get captured by Madelyn and the Meta-Breed . Static and Gear come just in time to save her after a fight between Madelyn and Ebon. The tides turn, and She-Bang and the gang go to save the day. 

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She-Bang, Static, and Gear at the gas station

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