Slipstream in flight

Slipstream (real name: Heavy-C) was a Bang Baby capable of controlling wind. He was a one-time enemy of Static, only appearing in "Winds Of Change" and in the series finale, "Power Outage".


Heavy-C was a greedy, selfish, and overweight bully who constantly took food and drink from other customers at Burger Fool, until one day, three teens stood up to him. It was then that Heavy-C found that he was a Bang Baby and could control wind, and he made himself a costume and called himself Slipstream. He used his powers for selfish purposes, beginning at the water park, where he met Static for the first time. The two fought, but Static was distracted at some points by Richie Foley, which allowed Slipstream to gain the advantage. After the battle, Virgil and Richie broke ties because of their growing arguments while Slipstream freely used his powers to steal food from restaurants and even raid the First National Bank. When Slipstream attacked the Dakota History Museum, he shorted Static out with water. Richie came to the rescue with Zap Caps, but was quickly subdued and broke his left arm. He and Static mended their friendship, and Static used the last two Zap Caps to recharge, whereon he wrapped Slipstream in the metal roof of the park bridge, and the latter could not escape due to his size. Slipstream was captured and taken to prison and was not seen until the series finale.

Slipstream returned in "Power Outage", when a cure for the Bang Babies was spreading through Dakota. He was at the docks on a ship with Ebon, Shiv, Boom, Monster, Hotstreak, and Talon, who had returned to normal and was brought there against her will. Ebon had stolen the last can of Big Bang gas, which he planned to use for the group to regain their powers and set off another Big Bang. Static and Gear arrived to handle them, but Hotstreak took the gas and deserted the group. When Static and Gear regained their powers and fought Ebon-Streak, the other Bang Babies were not seen afterwards. It is unknown whether Slipstream regained his powers.

Physical appearanceEdit

Slipstream is an obese African-American teenager with facial hair below his lip and short hair. His costume consists of his white shirt and blue cap, light-blue stretch pants, a set of goggles, armor with a purple color scheme on his torso, shoulders, and wrists, a thick purple cape, and boots. Although Slipstream is not seen after the first season, he reappears in "Power Outage" at the end of the series. He is shown to have gained more weight to where he cannot fit into his costume and his belly is exposed. Slipstream is not seen again.

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