Talon also known as Teresa is a Bang-Baby who's in part of Ebon's crew, The Meta-Breed along with Shiv. She appears as the antagonist throughout the season and later in "Power Outage" she tells both Static and Gear about the last vial of the Big Bang gas where both Hotsteak and Ebon are brawling for the gas which results them being fused as Ebon-Streak after they rescued her from them.




Teresa appears to have medium-length red hair which is tied in a high pony tail, white skinned and green eyes.

As Talon, she appears as a bird-humanoid form with a matching orange wings and her eyes changed to black. She only wears a light purple halter top which is backless on her back and purple pants. She is barefoot when she wears this outfit.

In the episode "Power Outage", she is now revert back to her normal state due to the cure of the Big-Bang gas. When she was hospitalized, she was seen in a white patient uniform and later she maintains her outfit in her Bang-Baby form when she was kidnapped by Ebon and fellow Bang-Babies who wants to get their powers back for the last vial of the gas.


A reluctant Bang Baby, Talon was part of Ebon's crew. Her powers included a sonic-screech and her bird wings that allowed her to fly. 

When the Bang Baby cure was dispersed throughout Dakota, no one was happier to return to normal than Talon. She hated her Bang Baby powers and wanted nothing more than to return to her family.

In the final episode "Power Outage", most of the bang babies wanted to get their powers back by using the last vial of the Big Bang gas. Talon was the only Bang-Baby to be reverted back to normal like the others (which she was happy about, saying that she wanted to be normal again); at the hospital, she explained to Static and Gear that it was like waking from a nightmare, and that she never wanted to go back to being a Bang Baby; when Gear told her they were glad for her while calling her Talon, she corrected him, saying that her name was Teresa.

Ebon later kidnapped Talon and attempted to force her to join them. But she refused, telling Ebon that he was scared, and that he was nothing before the Big Bang, and that is what he'll be again.

Talon was later rescued by Static and Gear. Later, she discovered both Hotstreak and Ebon are fighting for the last vial of the gas, which results both of them restoring their powers, but being fused together into a monstrosity one. She tells both Static and Gear about what happened to both of them as she parted ways with the two of them, before both were exposed to the gas and fight off against Ebon-Streak.

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