aka HAZOP Viper. (My Xbox Live name)

  • I live in Illinois U.S.A.
  • I was born on February 5
  • My occupation is SPARTAN-IV Field Major.
  • I am MALE.
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Long story short; recently I stumbled upon a band that I was in love with (It all started when my father introduced them to me at the age of 13- other than RuneScape I only had skateboarding then) that tried to "have-had-created-it-himself" a witchpentagram of the old style usages of things one. That was it. I threw away all my rebellious macho that I acquired over the years. No more music.
and also recently I noticed Gambit from the X-Men has an ultimate pentagram on his armor. I believe he put it on himself for all the sins he has to commit to survive- but it also makes MARVEL mascot Gambit for the devil. That means all of MARVEL. So I'm rejecting MARVEL ultimately now.
Only natural stuff. But other stuff like Bugs Bunny and normal cartoons are okay- Dragon Ball Z is not.
I must also start over my RuneScape life. I've been learning magic unceremoniously and I must ignore it, this time.

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